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Be A Man and Given

And, go watch the movie Given:


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Sex, Relationships


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Cranial Osteopathy and Brain Injury

Just wanting to share this since I work in this field (though am not an Osteopath) and love this work.

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Secret of Kells & Song of Sea

Man, these movies are simply amazing.  What impressive work in terms of storytelling, plot, animation, song and the gestalt.  Please watch.

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Sustainable Living

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The High Country

Love this!


Memories that are passed down from our ancestors:

The Window

Why do you stand by the window
Abandoned to beauty and pride
The thorn of the night in your bosom
The spear of the age in your side
Lost in the rages of fragrance
Lost in the rags of remorse
Lost in the waves of a sickness
That loosens the high silver nerves

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love
Oh tangle of matter and ghost
Oh darling of angels, demons and saints
And the whole broken-hearted host
Gentle this soul

And come forth from the cloud of anoint
And kiss the cheek of the moon
The New Jerusalem glowing
Why tarry all night in the ruin
And leave no word of discomfort
And leave no observer to mourn
But climb on your tears and be silent
Like a rose on its ladder of thorns

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love…

Then lay your rose on the fire
The fire give up to the sun
The sun give over to splendour
In the arms of the high holy one
For the holy one dreams of a letter
Dreams of a letter’s death
Oh bless thee continuous stutter
Of the word being made into flesh

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love…


Psychic Talking To Animals


Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein

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Meditation, Mushrooms, Marriage and more

Meditation causes changes at a molecular and gene level?!

Hesitant to put this one in here but it definitely has really great websites…:
25 killer websites that will make you cleverer:

A sober look at marriage and love and sex and happiness:

A discussion on Crying-It-Out parenting

And Bees:

Wild Things in Captivity


Wild things in captivity
while they keep their own wild purity
won't breed, they mope, they die.

All men are in captivity,
active with captive activity,
and the best won't breed, though they don't know why.

The great cage of our domesticity
kills sex in a man, the simplicity
of desire is distorted and twisted awry.

And so, with bitter perversity,
gritting against the great adversity,
they young ones copulate, hate it, and want to cry.

Sex is a state of grace.
In a cage it can't take place.
Break the cage then, start in and try.

D. H. Lawrence

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